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Upcoming Solar PV Workshops in Berkeley and Northern California


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Solar for the Developing World

Build a Stand Alone Solar Electric System that will provide power for light, cell phone charging, computers and other small loads. Learn how to design, assemble, and maintain a  robust, durable, safe solar energy system suitable for the challenging environments of rural developing world settings.   more »

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Register for May 2011 Classes

Solar (PV) Hands-on Workshop for The Developing World - One Day Intensives for $125.   more »

contractors and electricians

Solar Way Forward offers PV 200 classes  at Ohlone Community College in Newark, California.  This 5-day intensive course is led by Hal Aronson and Mike Strykowski, who have decades of experience in solar and in teaching it.  The course is very hands-on.   more »

vocational colleges and schools

The Solar Way Forward is committed to helping local colleges to train their own community to be solar energy practitioners.  We will come to your community and provide your instructors with the curriculum, labs, and training they need to teach solar at your school.  Solar education is perfect to spark students interest and to support S.T.E.M. .The project based learning that solar is so perfect for really does activate student involvement and prepars students for the renewable energy jobs of the coming years.   more »

Private Trainings Available

We work with faith based organizations,businesses,community organizations,schools,first responders, and governments to customize a training programs to fit your needs. We are happy to bring our lab equipment to your location to train your organization.We can customize the workshop to fit your needs.   more »

Our purpose is to help YOU create your solar energy future


  • NGOs in Solar PV Systems

  • Solar for Developing World

  • Train Youth at Risk in PV

  • Train Solar Trainers

  • Set Up School Programs


  • Solar PV Design

  • Consulting for Off-Grid

  •  PV for Developing World

  • Curriculum

  • Labs



  • Specialized workshops for your group or organization

  • Custom Solutions for your energy needs

  • Train the trainer programs






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